Les Amis de la Chorale de Cazals

Bureau, Judi

Mixed rehearsals!

Hey there song thrushes!

The fun continues!

Following on from the huge success of our garden repetitions we are going to sing in mixed voice groups!  Yeah !  I knew you’d be pleased!

We will have two groups singing on alternate weeks and have given them the names OK Chorale and  Humming Chorus. 

OK Chorale your days are 21st September and 5th October at 16.00h….so it has not got too cold….or dark!

Humming Chorus your days are 28th September and 12 October at 16.00h ….so it has not got too cold ….or dark!

Both groups will meet in the outside area of L’Ostal in Lavercantiere….the outside area is on the Degagnac end and please park at that end. There are various STRICT rules which must now be adheared to and a member of the bureau will be watching to ensure you obey!

1. You must bring your own seating and this must be socially distanced from all other seats….at all times

2. You must bring your own pen and folder and do not share with anyone else no matter how much they beg and plead

3. You must bring your own water but…..and this is most important….go to the toilet before you leave home as toilet facilities are not readily available …..for the ladies at least.

4.Bring your own hand sanitiser….who knows who else has been in that area although I have it on good authority that Trump has not!

5. Please wear a mask until you are actually sitting down and only then remove it….but replace it as you leave.

6, Anke’s equipment is to be moved only by people nominated by Anke

Wait!  Read on !  You don’t know which group you are in!!

  OK Chorale                                              Humming Chorus

  • Frieda                                                       Anne D

  • Lindsay                                                Maggi

  • Judi                                                     Sue

  • Hedwig                                            Margaret

  • Ida                                                       Bridget

  • Annie                                             Yvonne

  • Anne S                                             Karin

  • Mimi                                                 Sophie

  • Anne H                                          Averil

  • Pam                                              Annick

  • Al                                                    Jos

  • Egbert                                                 Roj

  • Kevin                                                 Ralph

  • Alan

If you have not already signed the Adhesion  Certificate and paid your money but wish to join in you may still do so BUT   email Anke first to be assigned to a group.  People just turning up may be asked to sit on a naughty chair along with those not wearing a mask or borrowing a pencil. And they may be strictly spoken to by a member of the bureau.  But otherwise it’s fun , fun, fun

See you later alligators

Judi Harding

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samedi, 19th septembre 2020 20:07

Yay, I’m in the elite group, finally.
and also very happy that the choir is now visiting my part of the woods.
see you Monday.

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