Les Amis de la Chorale de Cazals

Bureau, Judi

Dear chorale members

How are you all? Safe and well I trust and undiminished in quantity and in quality. I have news to report.

On a beautifully warm and clear evening last week, your devoted bureau members met to discuss the future of the chorale. Yes met in the flesh…although we were all wearing clothes and were of course socially distanced. First, following the fine (!) example of our Great Leaders we looked at the science.

Choirs have been linked to several coronvirus outbreaks…and it is easy to see why. Imagine the scene…..you are at a repetition belting out a song and the sound is so joyful that you turn, smiling, to look around. You notice a spray of spit coming from the mouth of the person next to you. One particularly large droplet arcs towards the person in front, then lands right on their neck.

Four months ago you might have thought that pretty disgusting…..now, you would find it frightening. In the space of a few months, group singing has gone from being something life-afirming and joyful to a potential source of disease and even death. Outbreaks of coronavirus have been linked with choir rehearsals in Britain, Germany, the Netherlands (105 cases in a choir of 130), the United States and South Korea. But as the pandemic wanes…..and it IS waning although not disappearing yet…..we can perhaps consider a ‘baby steps’ approach to returning to repetitions. In Norway, choirs of up to 50 may now sing together provided they stay at least 2 metres apart. I don’t think we are ready for that yet but we are suggesting that for the months of September and October we rehearse in voices….ie only one group {eg hombres OR altis OR sopranis} giving a one week on and two off scenario, and these repetitions would be held outside. A number of people have offered their gardens and as the groups would not be bigger than 15…..and probably less, distancing would be easy. We are not YET planning beyond that as the situation is so changeable. Therefore we would not take money for the whole….or even half….the year but would charge 10 Euros/month. We will revue the situation {is there a song there?} in October and may possibly be able to get together after that. There will be NO real Christmas concert but we might manage a get-together singalong which could incliude a few Christmas oldies….but no promises! In the long term, we have booked L’Arsenic at Gindou for June 12th 2021 which gives us something to work towards……together!

We also know that for some of our choristers the cost of the coronovirus has been expensive and we would like to help a little. As there have been no rehearsals since mid-March, you certainly haven’t gotten value for your money! If it helps, we are prepared to pay back 50 euros and all you have to do is contact our superb treasurer, Mr Terrence Delmar

Email : Chorale refund request.

with a photo of your RIB to enable him to transfer the money, it doesn’t even cost you the price of a stamp!

Very, very best wishes to each and every one of you

Take the very best of care

Judi Harding

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