Les Amis de la Chorale de Cazals


Chansons pour lundi 25 mai

Chers rossignols,

J’espère que vous allez bien, et qu’on se verra lundi 25 mai, 19h00 par ZOOM!

On chantera:

  • Maladie d’amour
  • Here’s a health
  • I will follow him
  • Quand on n’a que l’amour


Pour toutes questions concernant ZOOM, écrivez à Terry, les.amis@choraledecazals.fr

Très musicalement, Anke

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lundi, 25th mai 2020 20:24

‘Allo ‘Allo,
Sorry everyone, I tried.
But with slow internet (I colour in all my own pictures & videos, it’s faster) it just doesn’t work right. Everyone is on a different strategy. And then Anne mutes us all. And she’s right because it probably sounds awful.
When you decide to sing outside somewhere or we get back to rehearsels in Cazals I’ll be there.

I missed Anke telling me to shut up, maybe she did, we will blame it on the bad connection.
Cheers from paradise,

jeudi, 28th mai 2020 11:21
Reply to  Egbert

Egbert, Please don’t give up, your internet speed is not an issue. The meeting etiquette is as follows « all participants are put onto mute » and you singalong with Anke. FYI: Even if you had and everyone else had 100mb fibre connections, a real-time fully in-sync virtual rehearsal would still be impossible to achieve. Rgds Terry

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