Video Dropbox

  • Process only works for DROPBOX.COM – this does not work with BOX.COM
  • login to website
  • go to a video file
  • copy the shared link
  • paste that in to text doc
  • edit the link and change the ending.
    • (This edit forces dropbox to send the raw file to the person watching the video?
  • Copy the edited link
  • Create a page or post
  • Add the « Video Block »
    • Select insert from URL
    • paste in the link
    • (hit the arrow)
    • If you followed the instructions – the first frame of the video should be shown
    • save the post/page
    • test thet t=it can be played online
    • edit the post to ad in .

Why do this ?

Video will play more reliably than a self hosting video,
Self hosted max video size you can upload is 250 MB
Dropbox has a max file size 150 GB (on a free account or 350 GB (with a paid account)