Primary  Contact form :  ID form 1103 uses multiple notifications emails,

Jean JD Anke , and  website admin(terry by ) there is  no need to set up forwarding filters for a common website email address .    Each WPform can have its own unique set of emails.   Thee is one important requirement is that all Nofitification emails must go out as BCC. (blind copies)

2nd part of this is to explain an issue – but i have solution to workaround the issue

Problem :

Display problem when adding a WPForm — in that it does not fit inside the space reserved for the blog content. how to demonstrate the issue. ..create a blank blog post, add only the [short-code] and the form displays with a large white space above the form fields, but these fields line up just under the last related posts block on the left.


By placing the shortcode inside a html4 table – width set at 99% or 100%  then No white space appears above the Form.  – this issue is caused by  CSS conflict with the main sites theme CSS style and WPForm layout ..  this could  also be achieved using an iframe but it would not be responsive, An iframe  may break the form on mobile or on smaller screen displays.  therefore using an Html table is a better workaround, as it’s responsive.  ( responsive means  a webpage will auto resize to fit the devices screen –  like when turning your mobile from landscape to portrait.)


Need to test this issue out with the Gutenburg  editor, which will be standard post and pager editor for WordPress v5.x (arrives mid 2018) this allows a non coder to  insert « tables » – WP v4.9.x or lower does not provide a tool to insert a html tables, and currently these  have hand crafted in html code (plugins do exist to add the functionality – but these can be temperamental ).