To control how the addition options are added we can use the way the plug-in displays things to our advantage.


  1. If you create an e- ticket with a 0;00 cots _ then the title of the page or post is used in the checkout and is display the title as 0.00 cost at the top of the order list
  2. Minimum check price is 1.00€  an order placed with 0;00€ will fail to process.
  3. If you chose to allow  Allow users to specify quantity?  it's best to use a single price and not to use or add variation Groups, because the checkout total will use the quantity (n) acts  as multiplier and applies that to all pfthe item in the checkout,  for example a ticket costs 10 €, they buy qty 6,  checkout price would be 60€,  if you added a donation group with variations at 0.00€, 2.50 €, 5.00 €  say the the customer selected the 5 € option, the check out would be 10€ x 6 + 5€  x 6 total checkout would be  90.00€  -when all they wanted to pay was 65.00€
  4. The checkout form displays variation groups in two columns,  if you create an odd number of groups 1,3,5 etc the last group becomes full width.
  5. When adding multiple variation groups the checkout form displays the first group we add is shown on the left column of the checkout form and 2nd group to its in the right column.
  6. All this means is when we create a new ticket, we can choose to add the Lowest priced ticket group first and then add the next range with the highest priced ticket group being added last.
  7. The name of the Variation Group is used and displayed on the order and on the checkout form, however, these can be edited later.
  8. When adding a variation Group the first option text of the first item needs to be informative if you use a radio buttons,  the text will need to be different for a drop-down menu. (these descriptions can be edited later.)
  9. When adding a variation Group the first options price must be set at 0.00 cost. Because in the checkout the first variation price within a variation group is automatically added to the checked out price, there isn't a way to remove this auto added item, by using a zero cost variation as the first option be allow the customer to choose an add-on.
  10. The display order on the checkout form is shown in same order as your list of  variations  (we create the zero cost item first,  we can then add the lowest price next with the highest price being last.)

for this test product the Initial price a was set to Price is set ZERO   because this was checked  Use variations only to construct final product price.



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