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Privacy (EU Data Protection)

What we store on the website

  • Your email address
  • Your name : First and Surname.

How does the website use this information

  1. Emails and names are stored in the website database.
    1. In User accounts.
    2. In Newsletter lists
  2. The website will not use your email for any other reason.
  3. We will never distribute your email to a 3rd party.
  4. European GDPR laws Require us to do the following :
    • You can request what personal data we have about you and we can provide this in one or more of the following 3 methods.
      1. Verbally.
      2. Electronically.
      3. Via a postal system.
    • You can request in writing that your personal data has to be removed.  (email or via the postal service)
      1. Your request can be completely remove it.
      2. or for a selected area of the website.
    • However, if you have created documentation or other website content used by the website which can be viewed online,  by the general public or where the content is restricted to user account holders. (any non-administrators). EU laws required that one of 3 things must happen ,
      1. Option 1 , Your name is removed and set to “anonymous”,
      2. Option 2 , It can be reassigned to a new author.
      3. Option 3,  Deleted.
    • Example if you write a ” Comment” on a Blog post, your name and email is a mandatory requirement. ( this is an anti-spam measure) If you asked for these comments to be deleted,  the website can either choose to user Option 1 or Option 3
    • If any there is a personal reference to you within  any document on the website  –  You can request that these reference are replaced,  or removed.

Where do we keep the information

  1.  The website administrators will keep one or more backups of the following:
    1.  User accounts (xml and or csv).
    2. Newsletters subscription lists (xml and or csv)
    3. The website database. (propitiatory format)

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