46250 Cazals Lot France

New time for the AGM. 18:00 14th October.

AMENDED INFORMATION of the association’s AGM

Date 14 October 2019
Time. 6pm
Place. Salles des Fêtes , 46250 CAZALS




    We have tried to book 2 tickets for the Cabaret Night but when we came to pay we got someone else’s co-ordinates – name, address etc etc.
    Please can you reserve us 2 tickets and Sue will pay Ann on Monday night
    Thanks Sue & Tim Giles

    • l'equipe

      Tim 100% agree with you about the previous concert and the seating plan, you were not the only one that had this issue. YES you have seats reserve for the cabaret 9 Nov however this time you will be able to sit with your friends. We learnt from the last concert how not to do it. For all future concerts held in the SDF will NOT provide a fixed table and seating plan. Reservations can be made on the website. When you arrive you will be able select your own tables and seats, I hope that everyone attending will be able to sit with or close to their friends. Why did we do it other way? The previous SDF concerts had sold out (quite quickly) we thought providing a fixed seating plan would do the job. Clearly it didn’t work a for a number of reasons. We’ve made this change to prevent seating allocation errors on all future events held in the SDF. I can only apologise to you. Rgds Terry.

    • l'equipe

      Tim, I think i misunderstood your comment, after the problem was explained to me, I understood the issue. Never heard or seen this before, but after a few google searches it appears while it’s a rare condition, it’s not unknown. I wrote and added some code which ought to stop this from happening, but I have no way to fully test that this really works.

  2. Maggi Walker

    Hi Terry
    I note you have changed format for reserving seats for concert in November.
    I had already reserved seats some time ago before this was changed, does that mean that these seats will be no longer allocated to us as in the booking confirmation that I hold?
    Best wishes
    Maggi Walker

    • l'equipe

      Yes, (& Yes you have reservations & all previous bookings have and will be honoured). A Long story, cut short, the last concert did not sell out, so the website floor and booking plan was ditched, a few folk got very upset, the result is. We will not have a fixed floor plan for all future concert in the SDF.

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