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Gaïa News

Gaïa is performing at the cathedral Saint-Sacerdos in Sarlat at the end of September. It’s a huge cathedral and seats 700 so please do come to support us. We’ve just added some new members to the group as you may know, and we’d love to see you there.

And for those of you who have bought raffle tickets – come and join us at the Chai of Vins de Domme, Moncalou, Flormimont-Gaumier where the winning tickets will be drawn and we shall be giving a mini-concert. It’s on Friday 30th August at 18h30, here’s the flyer! There will be a verre d’amitié afterwards.

Concert at the l’Arsénic in Gindou, 15th June 2019

Since our 5th anniversary the Cazals Choir has been working exceptionally hard. We now have 50 singers and our Choir Director, Anke de Bruijn, continues to develop our skills and abilities with musical arrangements that both challenge and inspire us. At this wonderful event, we are delighted to announce that you will be able to listen to our current repertoire, developed specifically to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Cazals and which therefore extends over 700 years in the magnificent new building that has been made available to us in Gindou: the Arsénic.

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