• Singing with the Chorale in 2021
    Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are not meeting person at the moment, however, we are using ZOOM for our Monday evening rehearsals.
  • Join the Chorale
    If you’re thinking about joining the Association or “Sing” with the Chorale. Come along to one of our Monday evening rehearsals. Start time is 7pm and end a little after 8:45pm.  Judi or Jos will available for a chat after the rehearsal. Get more information about the Chorale.
  • Concert Video : l’Arsénic.
    Concert at the l’Arsénic in Gindou, 15th June 2019 A short extract from the concert. Film editor, Lex van den Nieuwenhuizen, FiIm crew Lex, JD and Terry. Due to performing rights limitations we are unable to show you the full concert.